Why Brain?

Brain Inteligência Estratégica

Your company can be much more competitive with Brain

Find out the best talent for any land

With Brain vocational studies, and with the use of geodemographic tools, supply analysis and intake estimates, it is possible to be much more assertive when determining a real estate product or the installation of a commercial location.

Get to know supply size and settings

Through continuous and on-site mapping all around Brazil, we monitor supply and intake levels in different regions, allowing an evaluation of market opportunities and pricing levels.

Quantify the demand

Through in-loco quantitative research surveys and probability samplings, we determine the potential size of the demand for a real estate enterprise or for another product.

Why am I not selling?

Through the methodology of complete commercial diagnoses, we perform an analysis and give the necessary recommendations to activate the marketing of an enterprise or of a product.

Find out the best place for your company

Analyses of retail locations, distribution operations and industries enable to lower the degree of uncertainty and to find out a commercial location in a successful way, according to the existing potential for consumption and supply level.

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  • About us

    BRAIN – Corporate Intelligence Bureau – is a company that offers services on strategic intelligence, research survey and business consulting. It holds a national outstanding position in the rendering of Real Estate services, Assets Research Services and Business Strategy.

    Founded in 2003 by masters and PhD professors with high academic experience and executive work at outstanding organizations, BRAIN was born with the purpose of delivering intelligence to organizations through tailor-made consulting, always focusing on clear and tangible generation of value to its client.

    Having offices in São Paulo, Curitiba and Porto Alegre, the company operates with 3 business units: REBRAIN for Real Estate, Ibrain for Market research and Bbrain for business operation. 

    Strategic Intelligent Consulting and Assistance, developing value-added products.

    To provide strategic intelligence services targeting organizations’ development

    To be acknowledged as one of the most important national companies in Strategic Intelligence.

    Absolute belief in clarity and objectivity.

    To perform a few, but fundamental movements that reach, in an unequivocal way, the critical points of an organization.

    Maximization of the invested amount of money

    We are 100% value-oriented. Our main task is to be efficient and effective regarding the amount of money invested by the client.


    We don’t take part in anything that isn’t absolutely correct, we don’t suggest anything that isn’t absolutely ethical.

    Good mood

    Life is too hard by itself. We try to lead life in a light way. Making fun of oneself is a way to recognize one’s humble condition and the natural flow of things.


    Where we act

    Over the last years, BRAIN has developed more than 3.500 market studies, in approximately 450 cities from 25 Brazilian states.

    Check where we act:

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